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Welcome to Dosteen Group of Companies!!!

What we Offers?

Specialized in Industrial Estates maintenance

We assure well-maintained facility providing extended longevity and a long lasting value of your asset with our professional maintenance services and productive work environment.

Industrial Gas pipe installation

We offer premium quality industrial gas pipe installation services with at most safety and security features with our well equipped and trained technical setup headed by highly skilled professionals.

Facility Management Services

We provide all aspects of facility management services, aiming to provide personalised solutions to your needs & requirements and also deliver assistance to solve all facility management, holding commitments high and keeping customers happy.

Contract Cleaning Services & one off jobs

We offer a wide range of cleaning services which can be provided on contract basis to meet your cleaning requirements and improve your health and safety standards.

Waste management

We aim in reducing the environmental vulnerability by successfully processing your solid and liquid waste, ensuring the process evenly balances your demands & budget.

Facade cleaning

We have a well trained and experienced team in facade cleaning. Safe and efficient facade cleaning along with all the challenges including height and other difficulties are all safe in our team’s hands.


Having years of experience in all phases of landscaping, our client based approach makes it extraordinary. Understanding the value of the property and accomplishing your dreams is what we focus at.

Pest control & Rodent control

Our professional pest control and rodent control team provides cost efficient and effective services intended to suit your customised requirements. Your success relies on your satisfaction

Heavy equipment renting

We provide heavy equipment renting based on current equipment trends as well as popular items in working. It actually acts as a support system for the construction field.

Building Construction

When it comes to adding structure to your dream property, we offer you the latest technology and our dynamic team of skilled and experienced professionals.

Major Renovations

Are you thinking about a complete renovation of your building?? Revitalise and get a new fresh look and make your building look at its best with our professional renovation services using latest technologies.

Roller shutters

We offer a wide range of roller shutters with a variety of design options customised according to your convenience and needs. Protection is assured against break-ins and ensures long lasting benefits.

Door Automation

We provide you with adequate services through our trained and qualified technicians. We use latest technologies in door automation which requires less time and energy.

Docking systems

Offering you a new quicker and safer docking solution. The flexible and easy to use docking systems are safe and rigid, designed for easy and fast maintenance with secured functionality.

Multilevel car parking system

It matters a lot when it comes to utilizing space wisely & to organize things in everyday life. Multilevel car parking system aims to double the parking space. Innovation and technology goes hand in hand with us.

Car parking shade

We offer a wide range of car parking shades which meet all your needs including protection from sun, wind, dust, dirt etc. Easy to clean, long lasting and fungus resistant shades are guaranteed.

ACP, Aluminimum & glass works

We offer sustainable and quality works in ACP, aluminium and glass works. Customised designs with the best material that last for a long time are offered by our expert technicians.

Customs clearing & Forwarding

We are truly committed to achieve customer satisfaction through our efficient process and approaches. Experience the best services in customs clearing and forwarding through us.


Transportation services that best fit your needs, for long-distance, combined & relay transport, assuring timely delivery of goods- heavy to small, solving all your transportation needs.

Wooden Pallet Mfg.

We offer a complete range of wooden pallets to meet your requirements. The pallets are explicitly manufactured as well as economically feasible, and can be used to fulfil various needs.

Wood Treatment Plant

We have an advanced wood treatment plant equipped with the latest technologies and facilities, which helps us to meet our clients bulk requirements within the time frame.

Paper recycling support

We have a paper recycling support to reuse the renewable resource. Recovering paper maximizes the fiber supply. Our team does the process in a responsible manner, ensuring the focus on paper reusing.


We offer a customised restaurant set up, that meets all your demands and plans. Providing the best and latest services at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is what makes us successful.

Shipping Service to East Africa

We offer shipping services to East Africa, including door to door logistics services, air and sea freight services, cargo trucking etc. The whole process is carried out under expert supervision, thus making it reliable and secure.

Tour assistance

We are a professional company dealing with complete tour assistance including visa, immigration, air ticket etc. Having a team of experienced and trained staffs in tourism industry help us to give you the best.

Plastic Household items Mfg.

We provide quality plastic products designed and manufactured using high grade plastic. The products are of international standards and are released after quality testing, thus giving a long lasting life.